You sign up for a membership

You then book a new client telephone or Zoom appointment with Carmen

You tell Carmen what you're looking for during the appointment

She will then get to work looking for an amazing match for you based on what you're looking for and your birth chart information

We have access and connections to high quality singles all over the world and distance won't affect our ability to find you a quality match

You'll be contacted (typically within 1 to 2 weeks) when your match(es) has been found

You will be shown photos of your match(es). If you like what you see then arrangements will be made to meet your match

Carmen will give you a little bit of coaching and guidance first, and then you'll get to meet your match. If you're satisfied you continue dating your match and if you're not then we'll find you another match

It's That Easy! Check out our FAQ page for more details about this process!