Meet Carmen

Carmen was working as a Speech-Language Pathologist with a master of science degree in communicative disorders, when in in 2016 she began her journey as a spiritually based matchmaker as a hobby on the side of her career, finding matches for family, friends, acquaintances, associates and the associates of friends and family. After an 85% success rate of matches which either ended in marriage or long term relationships, she decided to take her gift and joy of spiritually based matchmaking to the public in 2019. Carmen is an empath, intuitive/psychic, and an expert in numerology and astrology and in addition to this, her undergraduate degree is in behavioral psychology and she uses all of this to bring people together on a deeper level and to give clients guidance that can be life changing. Her clientele includes celebrities, VIPs and busy professionals, and she hopes to bring you the same level of success in dating and in finding love that she has brought to so many other people, using her one of a kind formula for connecting people together.

A Deeper Level Approach to Matchmaking

Unlike other matchmaking services, we analyze and compare your numerological and astrological birth charts with potential screened matches who fit the criteria that you give us, to find you a "soul level" match. This is very different and much more comprehensive and in-depth than other matchmaking services or then by simply matching you just by your zodiac sign. You will be matched with people you can connect with on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level and unlike other matchmakers, we offer a guarantee that you'll be satisfied. Carmen also provides personal dating guidance and coaching to her clients before they meet their matches and when they need it while dating their matches to help them feel empowered during the dating process and so that they will have continued success in the future.


"I hope you're as excited as I am for you to begin this journey! It's your turn to shine. There's nothing I love more than dancing at another wedding of two people I brought together!" - Carmen, M.S. CCC-SLP